Focused Build - for S4hana

Watch this video to understand why Focused Build is essential for a successful S/4 Hana implementation

Focused Build is an implementation tool which delivers end-end processes for implementing S/4 Hana. Focused build offers simplified workflow which integrates Project Management, Process Documentation, Requirements Management, Test Suite, Defect management, and Change control modules of solution manager. 

Focused Build is a highly efficient way of implementing S/4 Hana. The objective of any SAP project is to  implement target business processes which completely fulfill the business needs. The complexity of SAP and lack of simple implementation tools are a big challenge to achieve this objective. Focused build is a simple to use tool which will fulfill all needs of S/4 hana project from Requirement to Deploy. Focused build is designed to simplify S/4 hana implementation and reduce risk.

Focused Build has the following advantages

  • Design and implement target business processes which are either best practices or developed from best practices.
  • Implement S/4 Hana using Activate methodology which is an Agile and sap standard methodology. Activate methodology has higher success rate, reduces wastage and simplifies S/4 hana implementation.
  • Real time visibility into project activities, statuses, risks and issues. Focused build will be the single source of truth.
  • Effective control of activities from high visibility and real time KPI reporting.
  • Develop accurate solution documentation. Reduced implementation effort with the use of process documentation and accelerators.
  • Focused build will reduce Risk in a S/4 hana project by the use of SAP Best Practices, Standard implementation processes, Activate Methodology, High visibility and Effective control.
  • Focused Build has potential to save thousands of hours for the project. 

Additional advantages,
  • Focused build is a Pre-configured tool, you can jump start S/4 hana activities with focused build.
  • No additional license fee, FB license and support is included in Solution manager license.
  • Focused build gets extensive support from SAP and SAP strongly recommends use of focused build in a S/4 hana implementation.