Focused Build, one solution for all S4hana tooling needs

Focused Build

Synergetic is specialized in focused build tool we have successfully completed several focused build rollouts. We recommend focused build as the tool for S4 projects whether implementation for migration.

Focused build has high potential for Reducing risk and simplifying S4 implementation, upon implementation most clients felt that Focused build and S4hana are dream team and wanted to continue using focused build beyond implementation.

If you are not familiar with focused build here is an introduction. We also provided several articles in the Knowledge section which will provide good overview about focused build.

Introduction to focused build

Focused Build is an implementation tool which delivers end-to-end processes for implementing S/4 Hana. Focused build is pre-configured solution, it comes with integrated modules which are connected by a simple workflow. Focused build is developed on solution manger modules; Project management, Change management, Test & Defect management and Process documentation. Implementation processes in focused build follow Activate methodology.

Unique value of focused build

Your organization may be using other project tools today but for SAP implementation we recommend that you migrate all project activities into focused build. Focused build creates unique value in the following four areas. 

Best practices - focused build makes best practice consumption easier.

Activate methodology - focused build implements sap using activate methodology.

Process documentation - build quality documentation of your business processes while implementing them in SAP.

Integrated modules - seamless integration between all modules involved in requirements to deploy process enables data updates on all aspects of the projects.

Focused Build has the following advantages,

Consume SAP Best practices: 

Innovate target business processes which are either best practices or based on best practices.

Process oriented implementation

By using focused build tool you can implement SAP using Activate methodology and this is a big advantage because Activate is Agile based so the productivity is high and secondly Activate is a proven method to implement sap.

Build Process documentation
Focused build facilitates development of accurate documentation. By using process documentation platform you can develop accurate solution documentation while target business processes are being implemented. There is also reduced implementation effort with the use of process documentation and accelerators.

Focused build can reduce Risk in S/4 hana project by the use of SAP Best Practices, Standard implementation processes, Activate Methodology, High visibility and Effective control.

Our Expertise

We have extensive experience in implementing focused build. Implementing focused build requires capability in organizational change management and leadership. We work with your implementation team closely to make focused build journey easy and successful.


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