Activate Methodology

Divided into sequential phases and each phase containing standard implementation activities, Activate is an implementation methodology which is Agile with also traits of Waterfall methodology. Activate also adopted lean thinking. The benefits of Active is that it provides a roadmap to implement SAP products in the most standardized process, Activate goal is a successful SAP project which fulfills the needs of business. 

Activate methodology can used independent of tools in projects however the adaptation is easier with Focused build which is pre-configured tool which will let you jump start sap implementation using Activate methodology. Activate is effective when used in conjunction with SAP Best practices and accelerators, the implementation activities defined in activate will perform the best with SAP Best practices and accelerators. 

Activate also provides project plans and artifact templates which are also referred as accelerators which are meant to simplify the planning and documentation effort or just to provide additional information in the context of the activity. 

Activate is a perfect fit for SAP projects implementing business processes based on best practices. Activate follows Agile standard project planning meaning the project is divided into, Sprints and Waves. After every sprint a production ready solution is prepared just as in standard agile however in an SAP projects scaled agile has proven to be more suitable where a Wave of configuring is usually made productive and not at the sprint level.  

Activate leverages the high productivity and Customer engagement capabilities of Agile methodology very effectively. In activate methodology Customer is very engaged starting from workshop and backlog prioritization. Customer is also heavily engaged in testing and show & tell the interaction points give the opportunity to capture customer feedback and improve the system. Active lowers risk in a SAP implementation by leveraging Best Practices, Agile processes and Standard implementation activities 

Total Working Hours

12000 +

Satisfied Clients

12 +

Total Cups of Coffee

300 +