1. Is focused build pre-configured solution ? How long does it take to get started on focused Build.

Focused Build is a pre-configured solution which means, focused build workflow, dashboards and every other solution manager modules which it uses is pre-configured. There is a minimal customization, you can use FB right away after installation with minimal configuration. 

2. How is focused build installed.  

Focused build is an add-on on solution manager 7.2 system. The add-on has to be downloaded from service marketplace and there is no additional cost. Focused build does not come with the solution manager system by default. 

3. Is additional cost involved in procuring focused build.

Absolutely NO additional license cost to use focused build. As of 2020 focused build is open for SAP customers to download and install without paying additional license fee. Focused build is including in the standard solution manager license.

4. Can we use Activate project plan in focused build, example for S/4 Hana

Activate methodology provides project templates and accelerators for s4 Hana. However the project plan provides by activate cannot be directly imported in focused build, you have to merge focused build project plan with activate project plan. This is necessary so that the pre-configured dashboards and KPI in the project plan work correctly.

5. What is the benefit of installing S/4 hana best practices in solution manager / focused build ? 

The best practices content can be download from SAP marketplace and can be uploaded into the solution documentation module. 

Best practices content is very helpful for process designing during the explore phase of the project it can be also used during fit gap workshops. 

Best practices also load the accelerators into solution documentation, these include test cases, configuration documents and business process diagrams.

6. What is Activate methodology.


Process documentation is the collection of Process steps and artifacts which are needed for implementing and testing a business process. Often importance of accurate documentation is overlooked due to the difficulty in keeping up with changes and lack of tools which directly support process documentation development. Using focused build, you can start developing process documentation from Prepare and Explore phases itself which will help in developing a process centric approach to implementation activities. 

Here are the key advantages you can gain from process documentation;

  • Process documentation makes it easy to implement best practices and to model best practices to fit the business needs. Target business processes based on best practices will reduce risk in your sap implementation.

  • Process steps document all activities performed by business to execute a business transaction. Process steps can lead to a better understanding of a process by both business and IT.

  • Business can understand sap processes much easier through process documentation. Process discussions become more productive when customer engages.

  • Process documentation will establish Process centric view which can lead to better understanding prioritizing and tracking of the implementation activities.

  • Process documentation adds process information to focused build workflow this can lead to increased accuracy development activities

  • Best practices content serves as the starting point which saves significant time in developing documentation.

  • Focused build guides you to set clear documentation goals for your project and this leads to reduced wastage in documentation effort.


Focused Build is a project tool designed to Simplify S/4 Hana implementation. Focused build connects implementation Processes, Activities and Tools with a simplified workflow. Focused build makes a big difference in S/4 Hana project it reduces risk and brings predictable outcomes at every stage of the implementation.

Focused build integrates Activate / Agile project management process with Solution Documentation, Requirements Management, Test Suite, Defect management, and Change control.

Focused build is pre-configured and requires minimal configuration to get started. You can jump start s/4 Hana with focused build and experience the acceleration and simplification it brings to your project.

Focused Build creates an efficient way of implementing S/4 Hana business processes, whether it is a greenfield implementation or migration the biggest challenge in an SAP project is to implement processes which fulfill business needs on time and budget. Focused build will simplify s/4 Hana the one tool to do everything in your S/4 hana journey.

Pls refer to the picture below for the key activities performed during the implementation phases.




Focused Build has the following advantages,

  • Design and implement target business processes are which are either best practices or derived from best practices.
  • Implement S/4 Hana following Agile standard activities and tasks from Activate methodology.
  • Real time visibility into project activities, statuses, risks and issues.
  • Reduced documentation effort with the use of business process documentation and accelerators.

Focused build reduces Risk in the following ways;

    • Creates a guided track to implement business processes which are either best practices or based on SAP best practices.
    • Predictive outcome of the the project through implementation methodology, accelerators and transparency.
    • Strong foundation on Business process documentation which permeates accuracy into all project activities.
    • SAP activate methodology uses standardized Agile activities, implementation is performed using Agile sprints and waves.
    • Effective control of activities, high visibility and real time KPI reporting.

Focused Build uses Activate methodology which is based on Agile, all the project activities in focused build are standardized activities, they can be performed using focused build workflow.  

The picture below shows a sprint process which can be executed in focused build.








Focused build implementation creates high value in your s/4 hana project. Focused build’s value creators are; SAP Best Practices, Activate methodology, Process Documentation and Integration these features create Unique and high value which sets apart focused build from any other project tool in the market. 

S/4 hana is an innovation exercise expected to deliver efficient processes which completely fulfill the business needs. The challenges to this business transformation exercise are the complexity of S/4 hana system and lack of efficient tools to simplify the implementation process. Focused build is exactly what you need, the one tool to do everything in your S/4 hana journey.

Focused Build creates Unique value to your organization with below modules.



Best Practices

The biggest advantage of focused build is it facilitates the consumption of best practices. Best practices simplify s/4 hana implementation and also reduce risk by aligning target business process towards best practices. 

Sap best practices are pre-configured industry standard business processes which can be directly activated in S/4 Hana system. Process experts recommended to initiate a process discussion with best practices as a starting point and to avoid a process discussion from scratch. The Fit-Gap workshops are ideal for process discussion use best practices content during this exercise and document gaps as requirements in focused build. Implementation of business processes based on SAP best practices will significantly reduce risk in a SAP implementation.


Process documentation

Process documentation is the process description and end-to-end visual representation of a business process. Process documentation also maps the process diagram to the actual technical objects of the business system. Process documentation is unique Value creator in focused build, all activities from requirement to deploy are linked to the business process. Implementation activities when linked to the business process can derive process information at every step, process info will make the activities easier and accurate for instance.


Activate Methodology

Activate is the implementation methodology from SAP, it is a proven and popular methodology for implementing SAP. Activate methodology is a blend of time tested best practices adopted from Agile, Design thinking and Waterfall methodologies. Activate methodology divides the project into Discovery, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy and Run. Activate content provides standard activities and their outcome / deliverables thereby adding an element of predictability into the outcome of project activities. Activate project methodology comes with accelerators which include a Project Plan, Configuration documents, Test Cases etc.


Integrated Modules

Focused build has workflow which integrates Project Management, Solution Documentation, Requirements Management, Testing, Defect management, and Change control. The integration of modules adds a step of simplicity to the project activities. Implementation activities are simplified when critical information flows easily between modules and becomes input to the next activity in the workflow. Integrated modules in Focused Build reduce effort significantly in the project activities. There is finer level status of development activity, dashboards show real time insights of the project.