Focused Build - Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )


1. Is focused build pre-configured solution ? How long does it take to get started on focused Build.

Focused Build is a pre-configured solution which means, focused build workflow, dashboards and every other solution manager modules which it uses is pre-configured. There is a minimal customization, you can use FB right away after installation with minimal configuration. 

2. How is focused build installed.  

Focused build is an add-on on solution manager 7.2 system. The add-on has to be downloaded from service marketplace and there is no additional cost. Focused build does not come with the solution manager system by default. 

3. Is additional cost involved in procuring focused build.

Absolutely NO additional license cost to use focused build. As of 2020 focused build is open for SAP customers to download and install without paying additional license fee. Focused build is including in the standard solution manager license.

4. Can we use Activate project plan in focused build, example for S/4 Hana

Activate methodology provides project templates and accelerators for s4 Hana. However the project plan provides by activate cannot be directly imported in focused build, you have to merge focused build project plan with activate project plan. This is necessary so that the pre-configured dashboards and KPI in the project plan work correctly.

5. What is the benefit of installing S/4 hana best practices in solution manager / focused build ? 

The best practices content can be download from SAP marketplace and can be uploaded into the solution documentation module. 

Best practices content is very helpful for process designing during the explore phase of the project it can be also used during fit gap workshops. 

Best practices also load the accelerators into solution documentation, these include test cases, configuration documents and business process diagrams.

6. What is Activate methodology.

Activate is SAP’s implementation framework, it divides the project into, Prepare, Explore, Realize and Run. Activate methodology provides standard agile processes and activities to implement sap. Activate is a popular implementation methodology, Activate can reducing risk in a S4hana implementation and making project outcome predictable.

7. Does focused build use Activate methodology.  

Yes, the implementation processes in focused build are Activate processes. Focused build is the tool to implement S4hana in Activate methodology.

8. What if my PMO uses a different project management tool can Focused build connect and sync with other project management tools.

 You can build interfaces between focused build and other project tools. Focused build's architecture fully supports integration with other ALM systems and project tools.



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